Department of Mechanical Engineering

Of the many Engineering disciplines, mechanical engineering is the broadest, encompassing a wide variety of engineering fields and many specialties. Mechanical engineers are employed in an controls, computer-aided design, energy management, fluid dynamics, Tribology, robotics,biomechanics, and turbo-machinery, just to name a few.

Mechanical Engineering activities at the S. B. Jain Institute of Technology, Management and research, Nagpur, commenced in 2010. The Department is well equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and infrastructural facilities.

a. Programme Educational Objectives (PEO):

b. Programme Outcomes (PO):-

PEO I Preparation:-
To prepare the students for developing , analysing , and visualising various types of engineering drawings /concepts and specifications to make them capable to succeed in professional carrier and research
PEO II Core capabilities:-
To develop ability to design and to conduct experiments , analyze data and utilized statistical method also to solve open ended design problems using modern computational techniques
PEO III Breadth:-
To inculcate students with skills of scientific and innovation to design the product useful for real life problems

To imbibe professional and ethical values in the work place with the strong communication skill to have an impact of engineering on local and global societies


Learning atmosphere:-
To motivate students for participation in ongoing professional development opportunities to explore leadership quality and desire for life long learning

On completion of Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering , graduates will be able to
PO1 To apply a knowledge of mathematics, science, fundamentals of Mechanical engineering .
PO2 Identify , formulate and provide appropriate solution for complex engineering problems
PO3 An ability to design a system, component or process for broadly defined engineering and technology problems to meet desired needs within realistic constraints.

Design and conduct experiments , analyze , synthesize and interpret data to arrive at a valid conclusion

PO5 Effective use of technique , skill and modern engineering tools necessary for Mechanical engineering practices

Provide engineering solution to societal problems


Understand environmental issues to provide sustainable engineering solutions

PO8 Understand professional , social and ethical responsibilities
PO9 Function effectively as an individual , as a member or a leader in multi-disciplinary teams

Communicate effectively in technical and non technical environment for information exchange .

PO11 Handle the project with good management , financial skills
PO12 Recognize the need of lifelong learning and adapt themselves to technological changes