Sports Facility

Objectives of Sports Committee
Sports committee have clear intention that the level of commitment for sports from an extra-curricular perspective should be increased.
Following are the objectives of Sports Committee:

              • To provide an environment for physical development of the students.
              • To provide opportunity to the student to showcase their talent in sports field
              • To promote sportsmanship among students by organizing various sports activities.
              • To include more variety in indoor and outdoor games ex. Kabaddi, khokho, table tennis and carom.
              • Encourage and create equal opportunities for participation in sports available to all students.

Action Plan for the year:

              • Organizing various indoor and outdoor games during each semester..
              • Motivating students to participate in sports events organized outside the campus like RTM University Sports Meet and other intercollegiate competitions.
              • Organizing sports events for staff members

List of Committee Members

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Mr. J. R. Badkas Sports Coordinator
2 Mr. Vijay Matta Member
3 Mr. Saurabh Kamble Member
4 Mr. Yogesh Shinde Member
5 Mr. Swapnil Dravyakar Member