Research & Development Cell

1. To create Research awareness among the faculty members and students
2. To motivate students towards innovative projects
3. To create awareness about Patents & IPR Knowledge
4. To enhance team work between researchers for interdisciplinary research
5. To promote research in various departments of the Institute.
6. To establish links with different Industries, R&D organizations to facilitate research activities
7. To establish R&D Centre in Electronics & Telecommunication department
8. To involve every faculty member in R&D activities, which lead to Ph.D. degree and research proposal writing.
9. To seek grants from various governments, semi govt. and private agencies for promoting and supporting the research work
10. To enhance the research awareness by conducting various workshops and conferences and guest lectures.
11. Promote research activities for benefit of society
12. To encourage staff members and students to publish technical papers in reputed national and international journals
13. To arrange talks and interactions by eminent personalities from industry, R&D organizations and institutions of repute; for the better understanding of research methodology and practices currently followed.

Members of R &D Cell

Name Designation
Dr. N. G. Bawane Chairman
Dr. S. L. Badjate Member
Dr. Pankaj Thote Member
Dr. S. A. Chavan Member
Dr. Himanshu Roy Member
Mr. Vinod Suple Member
Mr. Pratik Hajare Member
Mr. Pravin Kshirsagar Member