The S.B.J.I.T.M.R library is fully computerized. Facilities like open access, individual and general reading, books as per syllabus, rare reference books, ebooks ,CDs and floppies,subscription of national and international journals from all over world including famous publishers, E-Journals, newspapers, periodicals, magazines etc are available for the students as well as the faculties. .

All library activities are automated with the help of Library Software with Laser Bar-code Scanner .SMS facility is available for re-issue of books. Students can search their books by using OPAC ( Online Public Access Catalog) .For the benefit of the students, management has been started Book Bank facility for all the student.

NPTEL ( National Programme on Technology Enhance Learning) has also started for the students as well as the faculties.In this program,exposure to the educational information about various IIT`s for science and engineering take place which has been made mandatory by AICTE.

Objectives of the Library

1. To cater the needs of variety of clientele such as faculty, research scholars, post graduate and under graduate students by the library smoothly.

2. To safeguard the interest of all sections of the library users, formation of policies, rules & regulation and implementing the library policies in a systematic manner.

3. To work towards the modernizations for the overall development of library.

Team Information
Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. S. L. Badjate Chairman
2 Mr. Rajendra Pahade Coordinator
3 Dr. Himanshu Roy Member
4 Mr. Faisal Hussain Member
5 Mr. Mohammad Naushad Member
6 Ms. Titiksha Bhagat Member
7 Ms. Suziya Khan Member
8 Mr. Saurabh Singh Member
9 Ms. Karishma Vaswani Member
Library facilities

1. More than 25000 books.
2. 3900 plus titles.
3. More than 600 CD’s and floppies.
4. Book Bank facility.
5. OPAC System (online public access catalogue).
6. Multimedia section with internet facility.
7. National & International journal.
8. NPTEL. (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning)
9. NDL (National Digital Library)
10. Library software with laser barcode scanner.
11. Newspapers (all leading newspapers with employment news)
12. Magazines & periodicals.
13. SMS facility for re-issue.
14. Sufficient reading capacity.
15. Projects (P.G students)
16. Competitive exam section.
17. DELNET- (Developing Library Network)
18. University paper set and syllabus. (Hard and soft )
19. Reference lending facility.
20. Book demand register.
21. E-books facility.
22. E-journals through J-Gate, DELNET & NDL.
23. Re photographic  and scanning facility.
24. Inter loan facility.
25. Display new arrival.

Library Features

Library Features

Area of Library 424.60
Area of stack room 309
Area of reading hall 147
Seating Capacity 150
Library Timing 9 am to 6.00 pm
Library Staff 05
No.of Titles 3981
No.of Volumes 25798
National Journals 65
International Journals 35
E-Journals 4578
No.of Newspapers 19
No.of Magazines & Periodicals 15
Book Bank Volumes 1200
No.of Computers with Internet 14
Books & Journals CDs 612
Total Cost of the books 96 Lac
Total Cost of the Journals with E-Journals 1.45 Lac
Open Access
Sr.No E-resources Login Link

(Login through Library Incharge)

2 NPTEL Video Lectures
3 Moodle
4 National Digital Library Login through Library Incharge)
5 J-Gate Login through Library Incharge)