III Cell



• To bridge the gap between Industry and Institute.
• To improve the quality of technical education to meet the needs of the industry.
• To encourage the students for doing the industrial training and industrial visits.
• To promote departments to organize workshops & expert lectures from industrial field.

Team Information
Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. S. L. Badjate Chairman
2 Dr. Asim Partey Coordinator
3 Mr. Faisal Hussain Member
4 Mr. Ajay Rai (Industry Representative) Member
5 Mr. Vishant Naik Member
6 Mr. Ramanand Samdekar Member
7 Mr. Pankaj Taklikar Member
8 Ms. Amruta Chopde Member
Student Member

IIIC Students members


  1. Mrunal natiye  (final year )
  2. Pawan Pande (final year)
  3. Vivek Gurve(3rd year)
  4. Shantanu Bankar(3rd year)


  1. Alok Paidalwar (final year)
  2. Neha Dave (final year)
  3.   Anurag Jain  (3rd year)
  4. Nabanita Gharai  (3rd year)


  1. Menaka Yadav (final year )
  2. Animesh Santoshwar (final year )
  3. Pratik Pahade  ( 3rd year)
  4. Steffy Jiwane  ( 3rd year)


  1. Ankush Bisen ( final year )
  2. Abhishek Pashine (  final year )
  3. Prathmesh Wakodikar ( 3rd year)
  4. Anurag Sing ( 3rd year)


  1. Anurag Chakraborty( final year)
  2. Pallavi Kale (final year)
  3. Tushar Junghare(third year)
  4. Nidhi dixit (third year)


  1. Jitesh Trivedi (final year )
  2. Pooja Giri (final year)
  3. Sanjay Joshi (3rd year)
  4. Barkha Khemani (3rd year)

III Cell

Report on Industry Expert Interaction with Faculties

Name of Industry Experts Designation Company
 Mr. Purshottam Phendse Director Gentek Engineering Private Limited, Nagpur
 Mr. Nitin Rewatkar Director

Gentek Engineering Private Limited, Nagpur

Venue: Gentek Engineering Private Limited, Nagpur
Date: 22/7/2017
Topic: Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning.
Faculties Present: 1. Mr. Harish Bhatkulkar 2.Mr. Faisal Hussain 3. Mr. Samir Gite 4. Mr. Vivek Thawkar 5. Mr. Vyshak Pillai 6. Mr.Asim Partey [IIIC- Coordinator]
An Industry Institute Interaction between faculties and industry experts was organized .During the interaction following points were discussed:
1. Discussion on different types of compressors and its capacities, selection, cooling towers and heat exchangers used in industries, design of humidifier, its types.
2. Different parameters related to heat load calculations, problems related to pipe leakages
3. Student awareness related to Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning [HVAC], future courses such as piping design if necessary for students.
4. Discussion on cold storage plant, various refrigerants, natural refrigerant.
5. Alternative of vapour compression refrigeration system. [Indorama Synthetic Private Limited company uses alternative of vapour compression refrigeration system (VCRS)]
6. Discussion on Latest Software’s such as Healtron and Alpha lanel which gives equipments to be selected according to its specification.
7. Decided to conduct seminar on HVAC for students in the month of August.
8. Mr. Purshottam Phendse added that students should possess multitasking skill. Their approach should be tri- directional and they must have some vision. New techniques should be adapted for teaching learning process. He added by giving example of gurukul pattern study.
9. Mr. Asim Partey and Mr.Faisal Hussain played a major role in coordinating the programme.

Report on Seminar on Networking and Cyber Security

III Cell

Name of Industry Experts Company
 Mr. Abhijit Bakale Lemures Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ,Nagpur

Venue: Class Room -104
Date: 28/06/2017
Topic: Networking and Cyber Security.
Faculties Present: 1. Dr. Salim Chavan [HOD] 2. Mr. Arpit Yadav 3. Mr. Pankaj Taklikar 4. Mr. Rahul Hiware 5. Ms. Preeti Mankar 6. Mr.Asim Partey [IIIC- Coordinator]
Department of Electronics and Electronics & Telecommunication under IETE student’s forum (ISF) organized guest lecture on Networking and Cyber Security by Mr. Abhijit Bakale of Lemures Technologies Pvt. Ltd. on 28-6-17. The guest of the event was by Mr. Abhijit Bakale, Nagpur. The Lemures Technologies Pvt. Ltd runs on the amazing idea of Networking and Cyber Security. Mr. Abhijit Bakale delivered the lecture to aware the visionary minds that how leadership can work for their day-to-day life. He also shared that how the vision 2020 would work if we step into correct path. The revolutionary idea of Mr. Abhijit Bakale surely ignited so many fresh & calibrated minds.
HOD, Dr. Salim Chavan, ISF (IETE STUDENT FORUM) forum In-charge Prof. Arpit Yadav and the faculty members were present. On the behalf of everyone the ISF committee concluded the event by giving vote of thanks & promised to encourage themselves for all the remedies that has been taught to them.