Three Days IETE Approved

Faculty Development Program (FDP)


Trends in IOT & Its Applications


About the FDP “TIIA-17”:

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the ever-growing network of physical objects that feature an IP address for internet connectivity and the communication that occurs between these objects and other Internet-enabled devices and systems. The collaboration of cloud computing & Big data analysis these two technologies enables the scope of another emerging technology – the Internet-of-Things (IoT). With the help of cloud and big data networking, today it is possible to envision pervasive connectivity, storage, and computation, which, in turn, gives rise to different IoT solutions from environmental sensing to public safety. IoT-based applications such as innovative shopping system, infrastructure management in both urban and rural areas, remote health monitoring and emergency notification systems, and transportation systems, are gradually realizing the long-awaited dream of smart-cities big-data technology, is of utmost importance in today’s modern world.

The Major Objectives of the “TIIA-17” are:

1. To provide a platform for participants to interact with experts in the field of Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis technologies
2. To highlight the challenges and opportunities in IoT based technologies.
3. To provide knowledge of open source tools for design, model and simulation of cloud based network and its applications.
4. To create awareness on the possible research opportunities and funding agencies that support R&D in IoT based applications

Resource Persons:
Eminent resource persons from academic institutes and MNCs will be delivering the sessions.

Who can Attend?
The “TIIA-17” is for Undergraduate and Post Graduate Students, Faculties and Practicing Engineers with a basic knowledge in design, modeling, fabrication, packaging, material handling etc. Participants form ETC/ECE/CSE/EE/IT and Research fellows can attend it. The Students interested in working on mini or major academic project can participate.

Registration Fee Details:

Industry Participant 1200/-
Faculty Members 1000/-
Research Scholars 1000/-

Note: All the participants will be provided with registration kit & lunch coupon

For Registration Contact:

Prof. Arpit Yadav – 9766136502
Prof. Preeti Mankar-9730892145
Prof. Vijay Matta- 9665028051
Prof. Ayushi Jaiswal- 9405905318
Prof. Mayur Tembhurney – 8319697032
For Any Query and Further Details Please Email:,,

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Chief Patrons
Mr. Anuj Badjate
Sir Shantilal Badjate Charitable Trust, Nagpur
Mr. Sanjeev Agrawal
Sir Shantilal Badjate Charitable Trust, Nagpur
Dr. Sanjay L. Badjate

Dr. Prashil M. Junghare
Associate Professor
Department of ETC

Mr. Amit Kale
Assistant Professor
Mr. Pankaj Taklikar
Assistant Professor

Department of Electronics and
Tele-Communication Engineering

Advisory Council
Dr. T. Srinivas, Professor, IISc, Bangalore
Dr. R. Nagaraj, Director, Ambani University, Gujrat
Dr. S. L. Pinjare, NMIT, Bangalore
Dr. C. G. Dethe, Director Academics, RTMNU, Nagpur
Dr. U. A. Deshpande, HoD, VNIT, Nagpur
Dr. Cyril Prasanna Raj P, Dean (R&D), Bangalore
Dr. Sibaram Khara, Dean,Galgotias University, U.P.
Dr. Mahendra Gaikwad, Principal, BDCOE, Wardha

Organizing Committee:

Dr. P. B. Thote., Dean Academics, SBJITMR, Nagpur

Dr. A. A. Gurjar, SCOET, Amravati

Dr. S. M. Gulhane, JDIET, Yavatmal

Dr. H. M.  Baradkar, JDCOE, Yavatmal

Dr. P. V. Ingole, PRMIT&R, Badnera

Dr. D. R. Dandekar, BDCOE, Wardha

Dr. R. Revatkar, Datta Meghe COE, Wardha

Dr. U. A. Belorkar, HVPMCOET, Amravati

Dr. P. R. Hajare, SBJITMR, Nagpur

Prof. M. W. Khanooni, SBJITMR, Nagpur

Prof. A.R. Kasetwar, SBJITMR, Nagpur

Co-Organizing Committee:

Prof. Rahul Hiware, SBJITMR, Nagpur

Prof. Yogesh Sharma, SBJITMR, Nagpur

Prof. Omprakash Piprewar, SBJITMR, Nagpur