Date:- 27th October,2016

          Students of ETC Department have celebrated DIWALI with the orphanage children by distributing sweets, snacks and chocolates. Diwali is a big occasion for celebration and we should always play it safe. Orphanage children get a lot of fun and pleasure while burning candles and crackers. Children have shown their hidden talents in front of us.Visit to1 Visit to2



Date:- 6th  September,2016

Teacher’s day is actually a day for paying a tribute to all our teachers and their immense hard work. So, it can be said that 5th of September also called as teacher’s appreciation day is the day dedicated to all the teachers. Teacher’s day celebration was done on 6th September 2016 . The teacher’s was celebrated in a very unique style it started with our Hod sir Mr. Salim Chavan  lightening the lamp in front goddess Saraswati  followed by his valuable words . There was a cake cutting ceremony. A variety of events like Musical Tambola and Quessing the Name by pictures were organized for teachers. Each and every faculty enjoyed to the fullest. Refreshments was organized for the faculty.



Date:- 3rd  September,2016

JIM KRAUSE also attracted students .The event was scheduled on  2nd September,2016. It was unique game with zero budget , which encouraged people to take selfie .SHIVANI KHERDE,3rd Year ETC student won the game.


Date:- 3rd September,2016

DAHI HANDI,the mega event of ETC department was scheduled on 3rd,September,2016 at 1.30pm in the middle ground of Colleg.  The event  gained the participation from all the department. Lot of effort was taken by students for the preparation of event. Arti was conducted in which C.E.O SANJEEV AGRAWAL, PRINCIPAL SANJAY BADJATE AND H.O.D of various department along with faculties participated. Arrangement of surplus water was done, all the participant were provided with bands . Many provisions were made to maintain the discipline and decorum of college  and to avoid disputes. All the faculties also help to maintain discipline among students. All the students enjoyed in water and danced in DJ for non –stop 3 hours.

Approximately two hundred student participated and  the team of Mechanical final year won our heart by breaking the MATKI . Flash –Mob was also organized in the middle of the event which gained a lot of attraction of all the students.





Date:- 1st September,2016

A replica of takesish castle was also arranged on1st, September,2016,by the name of WAT-E-WAR .This event was managed by forum event manager and Executive members. As it was a replica of takesish castle it was most awaiting event many hurdles were made , water guns were brought ,tires were brought ,drums were full of water .Participants were ready to get drenched and enjoy in water ,though rain ruined the ground still match was played .The entire participants enjoyed the event.



Date:- 1st September,2016

BENCH PRESS ,A SPORT EVENT was  arranged at main entrance from 12.30p.m. It was a great event to show case power in front of a mob. All the students enjoyed the event thoroughly was awarded with trophy . This event was managed and coordinated by our event manager all the executive members helped and learned how to conduct event and manage event.

Event gained a huge participation of 37 students .The winner of BENCH PRESS was SANKALP BALPANDE,he was awarded with certificate and a medal. The crowd enjoyed the event as their was a lot of hooting and cheers for the participants and motivated them.


Date:- 1st September,2016

Water polo started with the support of PROF.VIJAY MATTA at college swimming pool .The event gained great crowd and cheer for the participants ,here fifty students participated in the event and , the boys of ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATION  , SHIVAM DUBE and team  won the medal. A lot of precaution was taken for the Safety of students.


Date:- 2nd September,2016

MINI-MILETIA event was arranged at ETC entrance.Many students participated in it as it is a trending mobile game and a new event .SANKET MASKE and team won trophy. No such money was spent on the expenditure of event , all the participant enjoyed the event.Mini


Date:- 2nd September,2016

On 2nd another technical event arranged at the main entrance gained many spectator . The name of the event was BUZZ WIRE. It was  the outcome of another team of technical head , a table was decorated and designed in such a way that it was really tough for the participants to concentrate and play the game ,here many motors , horn, wires and a lot of things were used and it was a perfect combination of electric and magnetic equipment’s .As it was arranged at main entrance it gained a lot of eyes which  made this event more successful.

In this event 38 students participated and among them NEHA CHINCHEKAR  secured 1st rank and was awarded by certificate and a medal.Buzz-Wire



Date:- 1st September,2016


WIPE OUT one of the technical event was also arranged on 1st,September,2016 in the outer arena of ETC Department. This event was a result of effort of Prof. Rahul Mandaogade and Forum’s technical heads as they showed their thoughts a different direction and brought something new for the students

The motto behind the event was to encourage students to think in the new way and it worked out we got good response from the students and the work of technical head was appreciated by all,though rain spoil the play but still it was a new experience to all the students .Though it was a team event  total of 87 students participated in it . An artificial  tank was made using bricks and plastic many hurdles were put in the tank which made the event more interesting.

The winner JUNAID QURESHI and team was awarded with trophy and certificate ,and became inspiration to many other students.