It’s a team game with 2 participants in each team. It consists of a single round. 100 questions were provided to the participants and they have to solve these questions within a time span of 1 hour. Questions were of type- image puzzles, general knowledge, Quantitative and logical reasoning.
The trick was, that the questions cannot be skipped.
The contestants were provided with full internet facility to search the answers but the questions were quite complicated.
Not only students but faculty members also participated in this event.
It was awarded 3rd rank among all the technical events in the college.
1) Pratik Bhujade
2) Moiz Ahmed

Triumph Of SBJITMR in 3rd National Conference (NCRISET-2018)

Congratulations!! To the Students Of S.B Jain Institute Of Technology Managment & Reasearch For Winning First prize in 3rd National conference on Recent Innovations in Science, (NCRISET)-2018 Organized by G H Raisoni Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nagpur. The paper on ‘Survey on Advanced Subject Tracking System’ was presented by team of students Ravi Kant Raja, Ayush Vij, Sanket Kumbhare, Kalpak Deshpande under the guidance of Mr. Ramanand Samdekar. Advanced Subject Tracking System is based on the principle of Service Level Agreement which is an agreement between the service provider and the customer about the service delivery that will be provided to the customer. Tracking of task is generally performed manually based on the type of work and priorities. But there are various issues such as, it takes more time as one has to check each and every task that needs to be completed. So, there is another way of implementing Tracking through a web application that provides the collaborative platform for organizations and the workers working in it. Purpose of this system is to fulfill the requirements of the  Organizations to keep track of the works.

Students attributed their success to the guide, project incharge, HOD & faculties of the department.  Mr. Sanjeev Agrawal, CEO of College, Dr. S.L. Badjte, Principal, Dean Academics Dr Pankaj Thote,  Head of the Department, Mr. Animesh Tayal and staff congratulated students on their grand success

Health Check-up Camp

A health check-up camp was organized on 8th July 2017 by the departmental forum “suiGeneris” in room no. 102 of the department. Making the students realize the importance of health and managing it properly at this young age where body is more prone to deficiencies and health concerns was the main agenda behind organising this camp. Eyes can sustain damage very easily at this young age due to continuous usage of electronics, and dental health is affected due to consumption of fast order to make the students understand their present health condition and how to improve it or maintain it this camp was organized.The health camp consisted of eye and dental check-up. For the Eye Check-upDr.PranayChimanekar and his team from Contacare Eye Hospital, Nagpur. For the dental check-up Dr.RakshaPanpaliya and his team from Advance Dental Clinic, Nagpur.   The camp started at 11a.m. and went up to 4 p.m. in the evening. At the commencement of the camp the doctors and the team were given a warm welcome and introduction. Then the check-up routines started. The students who came in had to first have themselves checked and then attend counselling. In the counselling session they were advised on how to take care of their eyes and teeth. Various do’s and don’tsof eye care and dental care were conveyed to them. They were given schedules to manage proper balance in taking care of health. Advices were given by experts of respective fields. Students fromdifferent departments came to get themselves checked up in the camp. Everyone was eager to know more about health care and their present health condition.  The counselling was very fruitful as students were seen taking notes during that session. The session endedwith the felicitation of the doctorsby Prof.AnimeshTayal (Head of Department). Sir gave mementos to the doctors as a token of appreciation for taking time out of their schedules to conduct this camp in our college.