Alumni Cell

1. To act as a bridge between college and the alumni for interaction on new development in different disciplines of engineering.
2. To assist the college to promote R & D activities, testing and consultancy with the help of Alumni.
3. To plan and organize alumni meet every year at a college level.
4. To frame and amend the policies for maintaining continuous connect with the alumni.
5. To provide the platforms to the students to interact with the experience alumni.
6. To arrange the seminars and guest lectures on various engineering disciplines, to be delivered by alumni for utilization of their expertise.
7. To provide hospitality to the alumni whenever required.
8. To Assist the Training and Placement Department to provide job opportunities to the alumni wherever possible.
9. To help the IIIC and Entrepreneurship development Cell by providing alumni details.
10. To maintain and improvise the alumni portal in the college website and notify alumni about achievements.

Team Information

Name Designation
Mr. Madhav M. Deshpande Coordinator
Mr. Mclin Ghosal Member
Mr. Ramanand Samdekar Member
Mr. Omprakash Piprewar Member
Mr. Vishant Naik Member
Mr. Nikhil Bangde Member

Activity Details: Two Alumni Meets
First Meet on 5th March 2016 at Pune
Second Meet on 24th January 2017 at S B JAIN